Child Care Licensing Specialist

Skowhegan, Maine, United States | Human Services | Full-time

Apply by: Dec. 1, 2020
Community Care Worker
Opening Date: November 13, 2020         

Closing Date:  December 1, 2020

Job Class Code: 5088
Grade:   21
Salary: $17.85 – 24.07/hr.
Position Number:  02000-1709


Agency information:

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is dedicated to promoting health, safety, resilience, and opportunity for Maine people. The Department provides health and social services to approximately a third of the State's population, including children, families, older Mainers, and individuals with disabilities, mental illness, and substance use disorders. The Department also promotes public health, operates two state psychiatric hospitals, and provides oversight to health care providers.

The Office of Child & Family Services (OCFS), within DHHS is responsible for ensuring the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families through community networks, local resources, and life-long family connections throughout Maine. 


Job duties:

 As a Child Care Licensing Specialist, you will be working in the Children’s Licensing and Investigation Services program within the Office of Child and Family Services, and will perform the functions of licensing, monitoring, conducting complaint investigations, and providing technical assistance and support to child care facilities, family child providers, and nursery schools in Franklin and Somerset Counties. This is a critical vacancy as the regulatory oversight of child care programs ensures the health and safety of children receiving out of home care.  

 You will:

  • Explain program policies, guidelines, rules and regulations to potential applicants for        child care licenses;
  • Inspect residences and other places of business to ensure compliance with applicable rules;
  • Assess individuals' personal characteristics, emotional stability, and social characteristics;
  • Analyze and evaluate applicant and facility information;
  • Advise applicants of rule violations, discuss possible corrective action, and explain appeal rights and procedures when applicable;
  • Investigate and document complaint investigations;
  • Assist a specialized team of Investigators in completing investigations of child abuse and neglect;
  • Conduct informational meetings and/or training for child care providers and/or stakeholders;
  • Collaborate with the public and professionals in the field of child care;
  • Provide support and assistance to applicants and licensees throughout the licensing and renewal process;
  • Participate in the appeals hearing process;
  • Provide program intake coverage statewide on a rotating basis.


You will be dispatched from home to the child care programs.  A Child Care Licensing Specialist does professional services work under limited supervision, with significant travel and field activities, in addition to some office-based administrative functions. This particular position requires a substantial amount of travel throughout Franklin and Somerset Counties.  Your work may require a flexible work schedule beyond the typical 8-5, Monday-Friday standard work week.



 A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services or a Behavioral Science area -OR- a four year combination of education, training, and/or professional experience providing services to and working directly with children and/or families. Experience must demonstrate proficiency in public contact work, information gathering, analysis, documentation, and collaboration.

 In order to properly evaluate your experience, you must also respond to the following performance areas in your cover letter:


  1. You will spend most of your time in the field where direct supervisory support is not immediately available.  You will operate with considerable autonomy in establishing day-to-day work activities and priorities.  Describe the positions you have held in which you had minimal supervision.
  2. In determining whether or not to issue or approve a facility’s license, you must be able to observe and document pertinent information about facilities and staff, assess this information in order to reach valid conclusions concerning regulatory compliance, and make sound recommendations as whether or not to issue a license.  Briefly summarize those aspects of your background that demonstrate you possess a high level of observational and assessment skills.
  3. You will be responsible for investigating complaint allegations. This is a process that involves conducting interviews, making personal observations, and assessing information in order to determine findings.  Briefly describe your experience in gathering information through observation and interviews and making a determination based on that information.



For additional information about this position please contact Jennifer Welch Licensing Supervisor at (207) 287-5171 or by email at . To apply, please upload a recent resume (if available) and cover letter addressing each of the two preferred skills/experience areas above. To request a paper application, please contact Ashley Smith at


The bi-weekly dollar values of some State-paid benefits for full-time employees include: $14.60 for dental insurance; 14.11% of employee’s pay towards retirement; and, depending on the employee’s annual pay, at least 85% ($400.34) of health insurance premiums (more information is available here). Participation in the Health Premium Credit Program can decrease the employee’s cost of health insurance by 5%. 


The Department of Health and Human Services is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.