Public Safety Inspector II (Plans Reviewer)

Augusta, Maine, United States | Emergency Management & Public Safety | Full-time

Apply by: June 21, 2021

Department of Public Safety

Opening Date: June 7, 2021

Closing Date: June 21, 2021 

Job Class Code: 7272
Grade: 20
Salary: $37, 128 - $49,857
Location: Augusta, ME

The Maine Department of Public Safety is seeking to fill a Public Safety Inspector II.



This Public Safety Inspector II Plans Reviewer position within the Office of the State Fire Marshal is responsible for enforcing all laws, rules, and regulations while reviewing and permitting above ground flammable liquid storage. In addition to these task, this position will be responsible for processing ground water clean-up insurance fund requests. 

REPRESENTATIVE TASKS: (A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all the duties that may be assigned).

  • Reviews and interprets architectural plans and specifications of new construction, additions, and renovations of places of public assembly for residential and non-residential use and other miscellaneous structures in order to ensure compliance with codes and suggest resolutions to ensure occupant safety upon completion of construction.
  • Works with federal, state, county, and local law enforcement officials engaged in investigation and enforcement functions in order to coordinate information, investigations, arrests, and prosecutions and advise on applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Inspects premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquors in order to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Reviews and analyzes plans and specifications for fire escapes, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, construction of explosive magazines, and self-service gasoline stations in order to ensure compliance with federal and state fire codes and state laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to occupant safety.
  • Performs supportive functions and special projects including preparing financial reports and budget orders, writing and tracking legislative proposals, responding to correspondence, and attending hearings and workshops during legislative sessions in order to assist senior management.
  • Testifies in administrative, civil and/or criminal proceedings in order to provide testimony of evidentiary value.
  • Conducts classes, provides reference materials for instructors, notifies instructors of noncompliance issues, and oversees the issuance of certificates in order to administer and oversee a comprehensive training program.
  • Advises bureau staff and local municipal authorities in fire protection matters in order to resolve planning or construction problems.
  • Investigates complaints of alleged administrative, criminal, or other unlawful acts in order to validate violation of applicable laws, rules, and regulations; gather evidence; and issue summonses.
  • Writes detailed reports of investigations in order to assist prosecuting attorneys in preparing cases for presentation in administrative and/or criminal court.
  • Inspects new or existing construction in order to detect deficiencies, determine compliance, and establish minimum completion schedules.
  • Issues formal written approvals and construction permits in order to allow construction to begin.
  • Recommends allowance or denial of occupancy of completed construction in accordance with applicable codes, rules, and regulations in order to ensure established standards are met.
  • Resolves questionable architectural design plans, specifications, building construction materials, interior finishes, and other related fire and safety code problems in order to ensure problems are corrected.
  • Organizes and coordinates informational presentations of enforcement programs for the public and/or professional organizations in order to increase public awareness.
  • Recommends issuance of complaints or summonses to businesses for violations of applicable laws, regulations, or codes in order to ensure violations are documented and corrected.
  • Conducts cause and origin investigations and analyses of fires and explosions in order to evaluate the effect of fire protection features and to determine cause and origin of fires.
  • Conducts in-service training for bureau staff, municipal fire service personnel, architects, engineers, and construction personnel in order to provide information.

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED:  (These are required to successfully perform the work assigned).

  • Knowledge of public building construction methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of "fire rated" construction materials, interior finishes, and decorations.
  • Knowledge of emergency lighting systems.
  • Knowledge of training resources.
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Knowledge of smoke, heat, and fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Knowledge of architectural barriers.
  • Knowledge of sprinkler hydraulics, system design, and installation.
  • Knowledge of State and Federal laws applicable to and enforced by agency members.
  • Knowledge of Maine liquor licensing and permit requirements.
  • Knowledge of investigative techniques and enforcement practices and procedures.
  • Ability to interpret and apply applicable codes.
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports.
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships.
  • Ability to inspect structures and detect deficiencies.
  • Ability to direct or conduct investigations and inspections.
  • Ability to assess situations and facts, reach logical conclusions, and make sound decisions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Ability to plan, develop, coordinate, and implement training programs.
  • Ability to develop, present, and evaluate instruction.
  • Ability to assess resources and prepare financial reports.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (Entry level knowledges, skills, and/or abilities may be acquired through, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following coursework/training and/or experience).

To qualify, the successful candidate must have a four (4) year combination of education and experience in the application of fire, life safety, and building codes which includes knowledge of commercial building construction and fire protection systems as well as familiarity with American with Disability requirements.

A degree in architecture, fire science, building construction, and/or code enforcement is desirable.

The successful candidate must attain the Certified Fire Plans Examiner certification within two years of employment.


Application Instructions:

Interested applicants need to apply online by selecting the "Apply for this opening" button along with uploading a cover letter, current resume, copies of post-secondary transcripts, licensing, registration and certifications.  If you require a paper application, please contact Human Resources at (207) 623-6700. 

Contact Information: Licensing Inspection Supervisor, Richard McCarthy (


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The bi-weekly dollar values of some State-paid benefits include:

  • 14.11% of pay to retirement for bargaining unit positions.
  • The value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $14.60 biweekly.
  • At least 85% of the health insurance premium for the employee (up to $400.34).  Participating in the Health Premium Credit Program can increase the state-paid amount by 5%.  The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee's wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium payment.  To explore the detailed cost of coverage for specific situations, please consult these tables.

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