Business Systems Administrator - Operations Security

Augusta, Maine, United States | Professional Services | Full-time

Apply by: June 5, 2020

Maine Revenue Services

Business Systems Administrator

Operations Security


Code: 0383                       Pay Grade: 26 - $46,446.40-$63,065.60 annually

OPENS:  May 21, 2020

CLOSES:  June 2, 2020


Job Description

This position performs tasks in multiple areas related to project delivery. Responsibilities include facilitating timely communications with program managers, outside contractors, and other stakeholders; assists with various components of medium and large projects; completing project-related documentation, recommending business requirements, processing documentation changes, protocols, and controls; and assists in the coordination of systems testing activities to include completing project testing activities and maintaining updated business systems to support continuous improvement.


The position will serve as the lead application trainer on projects and MRS systems; reviews, analyzes, and designs system training data and process performance; and identifies issues with business systems in order to plan and implement training programs with agency employees.


Work is performed under limited supervision.




  • Reviews, analyzes, and designs systems training data allowing for application and technical training in relation to new agency applications. This will include both current and new applications.
  • Recommends changes to business quality controls and complex documents to support proper delivery of program services and product deliverables.
  • Confers with vendors and/or IT personnel on system problems to troubleshoot abnormalities and identify solutions.
  • Provides technical advice and consultation to management and professional staff regarding quality assurance standards and associated business practices.
  • Communicates and collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, vendors, project teams, and managers to discuss problems, correct plans, and implement organizational solutions.
  • Collects and evaluates pertinent data related to projects to develop reports and recommendations, summarize information, and document change management processes.
  • Assists with documenting system technical and business requirements on medium and large projects by participating in one or more steps in the system’s project life cycle to serve as a liaison, ensure timely services, and make recommendations on risk and/or risk mitigation.
  • Examines electronic system functions and business change management processes to verify compliance with quality assurance standards, identify and recommend process improvements, and ensure systems function as designed.
  • Assists in coordinating system project testing to support timely services and ensure that current and new projects meet goals and objectives.
  • Assigns tasks to team members to meet operational needs.
  • Performs system testing activities to validate the integrity of the system and document that quality control standards are maintained throughout systems and processes.
  • Identifies information system problems impacting program performance and coordinates these problems with vendors and/or IT personnel to integrate information system and program operation solutions on an ongoing basis.




Six (6) year combination of education, training, and/or professional experience in project delivery, systems analysis, business analysis, or related field that demonstrates a thorough knowledge of systems analysis and process improvement, quality assurance concepts and electronic system business processes.


Preference will be given to those who have experience in project related tasks; including project delivery, project training, and business analysis.


All job candidates applying for Maine Revenue Services’ positions will be subject to a tax clearance check.  To be selected for a position, all returns must be filed, and tax liabilities must be paid in full.  The results of the tax clearance check will be documented as part of the selection process. 

State law requires that applicants seeking initial employment with Maine Revenue Services undergo a fingerprint based state and federal criminal history record check.




The value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement:  14.47% of salary for Bargaining Unit positions.  The value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $14.31 biweekly.  The value* of State-paid Health Insurance:


Level 1:  100% State Contribution (employee pays nothing):  $461.75 biweekly

Level 2:  95% State Contribution (employee pays 5%):  $438.66 biweekly

Level 3:  90% State Contribution (employee pays 10%):  $415.58 biweekly

Level 4:  85% State Contribution (employee pays 15%):  $392.49 biweekly


*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program.


The State of Maine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.