Claims Adjudicator (multiple vacancies in Augusta, Bangor & Presque Isle)

Augusta, Maine, United States | Professional Technical | Full-time

Apply by: June 1, 2020

Department of Labor

Opening Date:  May 18, 2020

Closing Date:  June 1, 2020 

Job Class Code: 0686
Grade: 21
Salary: $37,128 – $50,065 
Location: Augusta, Bangor, Presque Isle (MULTIPLE OPENINGS)

The Maine Department of Labor is looking for multiple Claims Adjudicators in the Benefit Payment Control Unit of Unemployment Compensation/Benefits Services.  Positions may be located in Augusta, Bangor, or Presque Isle.  On the application, please select which area(s) you wish to be considered for.  

This posting is for both permanent and limited period positions.  Limited period positions may be up to two years and offer full benefits.  The Department strives to continue the employment for people in limited period positions; however, that cannot be guaranteed at this time. Successful applicants will be notified of the type of position as part of any job offer. 


  • Interviews claimants, employers, and other witnesses largely by phone in order to determine claimant eligibility for compensation and which employer account, if any, to charge.
  • Writes clear and concise decisions in order to document UC benefit determinations and which employer account, if any, to charge.
  • Explains laws, regulations, commission rules, precedents, and Department policies regarding eligibility, disqualifications, and appeals in order to provide information to claimants, employers, and the public.
  • Investigates, researches, and documents allegations of misrepresentation and fraudulent claims in order to determine validity and prepare reports of investigation.
  • Audits paid unemployment claims in order to ensure compliance with established laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Testifies at hearings and in court in order to present and justify written decision rendered.
  • Plans, assigns, and oversees work of subordinate staff as well as provides training in order to ensure applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies are applied in a consistent and equitable manner.
  • Collects overpayments in order to minimize the effects on employers and claimants.
  • Prepares reports of cases investigated in order to document activities and provide information.


  • Knowledge of interviewing and investigative techniques.
  • Knowledge of research techniques and practices.
  • Knowledge of labor-management relations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to determine benefit eligibility.
  • Ability to interpret and apply laws, rules, and regulations in specific circumstances.
  • Ability to compile and analyze facts, reach logical conclusions, and make sound recommendations.
  • Ability to deal effectively with irate or confused clients.
  • Ability to demonstrate competent time management.
  • Knowledge of federal and state laws, rules, regulations, precedent cases, and agency manuals governing UC programs.
  • Knowledge of policies and procedures relating to the prevention, detection, and recovery of overpayments.
  • Knowledge of public sector and private industry employment practices.
  • Knowledge of Quality Control Program goals and objectives.
  • Ability to use desktop and laptop computers.
  • Ability to write complete and understandable decisions and reports.
  • Ability to plan, direct, and coordinate the work of subordinate staff.
  • Ability to train subordinate personnel.


A Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Human Resources, Economics, Finance, or related field and two (2) years of technical, administrative, or paraprofessional support level experience in public contact work which demonstrates interviewing, data gathering, and analytical skills.  Comparable work experience may be substituted for education on a year-for-year basis.


Interested applicants need to apply online by selecting the "Apply for this opening" button along with uploading a cover letter, current resume, copies of post-secondary transcripts, licensing, registration and certifications.  If you require a paper application, please contact Human Resources at (207) 623-6700. 


Questions about the application process should be directed to Melissa Weiner, Human Resources, at 207-623-6739 or 

Why work for the State of Maine?


The value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement Contribution: 14.47% of pay

The value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $14.31 biweekly.

The value* of State-paid Health Insurance: 

100% State Contribution = $461.75 biweekly / Employee pays nothing

95%  State Contribution = $438.66 biweekly / Employee pays: 5%  = $23.09 biweekly

90%  State Contribution = $415.58 biweekly / Employee pays:10% = $46.17 biweekly

85%  State Contribution = $392.49 biweekly / Employee pays:15% = $69.26 biweekly

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee's wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium payment.

Maine State Government is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.