Child Protective Services Casework Supervisor

Lewiston, Maine, United States | Human Services | Full-time

Apply by: Sept. 18, 2020
Opening Date: September 4, 2020

Closing Date:  September 18, 2020

Job Class Code: 5078
Grade:     25 (Supervisory Svcs)              
Salary: $47,278.40 – 64,729.60/yr.*

* Includes a $5.00/hr. stipend. An additional $1.00/hr. stipend is paid for employees possessing a related Master’s Degree.

Position Number: 02022-7752


Agency information:

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provides supportive, preventive, protective, public health and intervention services that safeguard the public health and assist our customers in meeting their needs.  The Office of Child & Family Services (OCFS), within DHHS is responsible for ensuring the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families through community networks, local resources, and life-long family connections throughout Maine.  We have a current vacancy in our Lewiston office.


Job duties:

 As a Child Protective Services Casework Supervisor, you will plan, coordinate, direct, and monitor the activities of caseworkers and support staff in the areas of child and adult protection, adoption, and substitute care assigned to your unit.  You will assess and assign casework loads; and review, monitor and provide guidance to your staff concerning cases and service delivery.  You will research and work with staff and peers to resolve critical situations and crisis situations, including decisions to seek removal of children.  You will review and monitor cases and service delivery including family team meeting decisions and supervise subordinate staff including hiring, promotion and disciplinary actions regarding employees. Your typical duties will include:

  1. Planning, organizing, assigning, directing, and monitoring work activities of caseworkers and resource staff to ensure established quality service standards are maintained.
  2. Conferring with and counseling workers regarding casework in order to assist with difficult cases and caseload problems.
  3. Reviewing and comparing work performance and/or products of staff with established standards to assess employee productivity levels and training needs.
  4. Conferring with other agencies and community resources to coordinate services, promote necessary community resources, and monitor cooperative agreements.
  5. Evaluating and recommending program-wide changes and establishing unit procedures and goals in order to upgrade the quality and continuity of services.
  6. Coordinating activities between unit and service providers in order to effectively deliver social services to agency clients.
  7. Authorizing service provision and client/caseworker expenditures.
  8. Negotiating various contracts and agreements with service providers and others in order to ensure appropriate services are provided.
  9. Analyzing and reviewing cases to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, standards, and requirements, and initiate and participate in court hearings.
  10. Directing, coordinating, and/or participating in after-hours coverage in order to ensure appropriate staffing.



To qualify, your background must include eight (8) years of education and/or professional experience in social work which includes at least two (2) years experience as a fully licensed social worker* (LSW).  Preference will be extended to candidates possessing the following skills/experience:


  1. Recent experience in professional child welfare casework.
  2. A thorough knowledge of and recent experience working with MACWIS.
  3. Four years experience as a fully-licensed social worker.


*An LMSW or LCSW automatically meets the two (2) years fully licensed social worker experience requirement.


Please submit a cover letter addressing your skills and/or prior experience in each of the three areas above. If you do not provide this information your application may not be processed.



For additional information about this position please contact Nathaniel Oliver, Assistant Program Administrator, by email at or 795-4625. To apply, please upload a recent resume (if available) and cover letter addressing each of the three preferred skills/experience areas above. To request a paper application, please contact Ashley Smith at       

Value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement: 14.11% of pay   
Value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $14.60 biweekly

Value of State-paid Health Insurance*:

Level 1:  100% State Contribution = $470.99 biweekly (employee pays nothing)
Level 2:  95% State Contribution = $447.44 biweekly (Employee pays: 5%)
Level 3:  90% State Contribution = $423.89 biweekly (Employee pays: 10%)
Level 4:  85% State Contribution = $400.34 biweekly (Employee pays: 15%)
*The level of actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program as of July 1, 2020. 

To explore the cost of coverage for specific situations, please consult these tables.


The Department of Health and Human Services is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.