Management Analyst II

Augusta, Maine, United States | Professional Technical | Full-time

Apply by: June 1, 2020

Department of Labor, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation

Opening Date:  May 18, 2020

Closing Date:   June 1, 2020 

Job Class Code: 0393
Grade: 24
Salary: $42,681 – $57,844 
Location: Augusta

The Maine Department of Labor seeks multiple Management Analyst II candidates who can work independently, have experience using analytical skills, experience with working on multiple projects simultaneously, and are comfortable speaking to groups of people. In your cover letter, describe your experiences in these areas.

This posting is for both permanent and limited period positions.  Limited period positions may be up to two years and offer full benefits.  The Department strives to continue the employment for people in limited period positions; however, that cannot be guaranteed at this time.  Successful applicants will be notified of the type of position as part of any job offer.


This is professional services work involving the review, examination, and evaluation of complex organizational structures, administrative policies, and management systems of state departments, agencies, and institutions. Responsibilities include developing and conducting studies, summarizing findings, preparing reports, and recommending changes in organizational structures, programs, policies, procedures, or practices in administrative, financial, records, and information management systems. Characteristics which distinguish this classification from the next lower level include the overall complexity of assignments as well as the responsibility for developing and organizing studies. Work typically includes the supervision of subordinate professional and clerical employees. Work is performed under limited supervision.


  • Plans and organizes studies of work and organizational problems including duplication, communication, information flow, inventory control, cost containment, and integrated service delivery in order to develop and maintain efficient and economical operations.
  • Gathers and organizes information on problems, deficiencies, and resource waste in order to collect information for management analysis.
  • Analyzes data gathered, develops information and documentation, and considers solutions or alternative methods of proceeding in order to recommend organizational and system changes and modifications.
  • Installs new systems, confers with and trains agency staff, and conducts operational effectiveness reviews in order to ensure smooth system implementation and functioning.
  • Develops and updates manuals in order to outline performance methods, organizational policies and procedures, and system operations.
  • Implements, administers, and complies with human resource laws, policies, procedures, and practices, including: AA/EEO, recruitment, employment, performance appraisals, training, discipline, contract administration, and employee safety in order to ensure the fair and equal treatment of subordinate employees.


  • Knowledge of the theories, principles, and practices of public administration, organization, work flow, personnel management, and financial procedures.
  • Knowledge of data collection and interpretation methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of the organizational and staffing structures in state agencies and departments.
  • Knowledge of human resources programs and services.
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques of analysis, work simplification, and forms and records control.
  • Knowledge of the methods and techniques of establishing work standards.
  • Knowledge of information management systems.
  • Ability to gather, assemble, calculate, and analyze facts and draw valid conclusions.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to develop recommendations for the revision or repeal of laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures; and the implementation of new systems and organizations.
  • Knowledge of current developments in systems analysis and applications.
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques of establishing work standards.
  • Knowledge of information management systems.
  • Ability to oversee, review, evaluate, and direct the work of others.


Eight (8) years of education, training, and/or experience analyzing, evaluating, and/or developing improvements to organizational and/or managerial systems, programs, and practices. 


Interested applicants need to apply online by selecting the "Apply for this opening" button along with uploading a cover letter, current resume, copies of post-secondary transcripts, licensing, registration and certifications.  Your cover letter should include your experience working independently, using analytical skills, working on multiple projects simultaneously, and speaking to groups of people. 

If you require a paper application, please contact Human Resources at (207) 623-6700. 

Contact Information: 

For questions about the application process, please contact Melissa Weiner, Human Resources, at (207)623-6739 or 

Why work for the State of Maine?


The value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement Contribution: 14.47% of pay for bargaining unit positions

The value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $14.31 biweekly.

The value* of State-paid Health Insurance: 

100% State Contribution = $461.75 biweekly / Employee pays nothing

95%  State Contribution = $438.66 biweekly / Employee pays: 5%  = $23.09 biweekly

90%  State Contribution = $415.58 biweekly / Employee pays:10% = $46.17 biweekly

85%  State Contribution = $392.49 biweekly / Employee pays:15% = $69.26 biweekly

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee's wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium payment.

Maine State Government is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.