Financial Analyst (PSC 1) Confidential

TBD Part-time

Financial Analyst – Confidential
Public Service Coordinator I
Part Time – 10Hrs/Week

 Code: CA28                       Pay Grade:  28 $52,998.4 - $72,904.00
                                           *Please note: Salary reflects 40 hours a week.

Open: November 14, 2018

Close: Once Filled



This is a part-time 10-hours a week permanent position.  Work hours will be negotiable during job offer. The work location may also be negotiable during job offer. This position is open to current State of Maine employees who wish to transfer and all outside applicants.  This positon may require statewide travel.


Provides consultative advice and expertise in the development of data management and reporting for the Department of Finance and Administrative Service Center and Department of Corrections.

This position is responsible for data management, data analytics, reporting, project management, finance, and, BPM (Business Process Management software tools (SQL, SharePoint, BPM Pega, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.) for the CSC (Corrections Service Center). The position will be required to provides consultative, professional advice and expertise about significant business operational issues to executive management. This position will also address operational and budgetary reporting and analysis impacts.  The position evaluates business processes and identifies where opportunities exist for improvement, establishes plan, sets priorities and results, and outlines process to achieve it.  It assures that issues in other areas across the department are identified and addressed at the same time when possible.  Delivers business requirements, business analysis, project planning, project resource management in partnership with OIT.  Acts as a bridge between business and OIT and offers stakeholders business process solution alternatives, which will in turn increase production and allow users of the solution to be more efficient with their everyday tasks. This position will be the subject matter expert in business operations, data management, data analytics involving Business Intelligence, and Business Process Management solutions. The position also configures and implements those solutions to handle dynamic complex business processes across the department.

The position will also provide consultative advice and expertise in the development of data management and reporting for the Department of Finance and Administrative Service Center and Department of Corrections.   The primary purpose is to create and develop a reporting database to provide program managers with an interactive, intuitive web based reporting tool.  This position will also manage the county jail proprietary financial reporting system and the department’s CORIS system.  This position works with the Deputy Director with all reporting processes and documents for consideration of technology based solutions.  This position is expected to be familiar with departmental programs, budgeting, fiscal policy, legislative policy, and financial reporting.  The position is expected to achieve objectives by utilizing technology, in collaborating with direct report staff and other subject matter experts and the department, demonstrating leadership and oversight.    This position will also review upper level accounting analysis for proper effective financial reporting and will be expected to support lead work activities assigning and overseeing other team members and collective work efforts. Work is performed under limited supervision.



To be successful in this position you will need:

Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the State Administrative and Accounting Manual guidelines, Departmental Policy, Maine Revised Statutes, personnel management, leadership, innovation toward efficiency and effectiveness, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.  This positon interacts with the Department’s Executive Management Team on a regular basis.  The position will provide technical/ professional advice and expertise in the development of fiscal data management and reporting for the service center and department.   The position shall interpret and apply policies and regulations and systematize operating procedures and can advise subordinates, officials, and others on financial and administrative matters. 

The focus of this position will be technical in nature with emphasis on computerized problem solving tools, high level programming languages, enterprise class application development tools, project management principles practices and tools, business process management, coding experience would be a plus.  The position also requires an awareness of systems program testing and debugging techniques.  The position must be able to: anticipate and analyze complications, reaches reasonable conclusions, and makes sound decisions; coordinate and oversee a project team.  The position must possess a knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Departmental Policy, State Administrative and Accounting Manual, Controller’s Bulletins, Statute and Governmental Accounting Standards Board concepts and principles to their work and that of their staff.  The successful candidate will be able to illustrate the ability to apply user specifications into a system and provide specific examples of the final product.

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge and experience using Relational Data Bases
  • Experience in PEGA development tools
  • Business Process Management
  • Knowledge and experience using SQL
  • Ability to think and act with limited input
  • Ability to use VISIO
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap
  • Knowledge of .net web forms
  • Visual Studio Knowledge
  • C## Coding (C-Sharp)
  • Project Management
  • Gathering business requirements
  • Web based reporting tools



A five (5) year combination of education and experience comprised of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences with a concentration in business administration or closely related field and two (2) years of responsible experience in system implementation. Directly related experience may be substituted for education on a year-for-year basis.

LICENSING/REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: (These must be met by all employees prior to attaining permanent status in this class).



Value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $13.13 biweekly

Value* of State-paid Health Insurance:

  • Level 1:  100% State Contribution (employee pays nothing):  $444.68 biweekly
  • Level 2:  95% State Contribution (employee pays 5%):  $422.45 biweekly
  • Level 3:  90% State Contribution (employee pays 10%):  $400.21 biweekly
  • Level 4:  85% State Contribution (employee pays 15%):  $377.98 biweekly

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program.

Value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement: 22% of pay.

If you prefer to complete a paper application please request through email at