Baxter State Park - Seasonal 26 week- Maintenance Mechanic

Millinocket, Maine, United States Full-time

Baxter State Park - Seasonal Maintenance Mechanic


JOB CODE:    8281

PAY RANGE:    12  SALARY:     Step 1 – 8    Hourly: $12.57-16.34


Baxter State Park is a 209,644 acre public trust  and wilderness park located in north-central Maine and headquartered in Millinocket.  Governor Percival Baxter made it his life’s obsession to purchase these lands and donate them to the people of the State of Maine.  With this gift he left a governance structure unique from all other Maine state parks, a large endowment that allows the Park to operate independently from the State general fund, and several directives that describe how to manage the Park.  These include a focus on preserving the wildness of the Park above all else and providing opportunities “for those who love nature and who are willing to walk and make an effort to get close to nature”. Come join this dedicated and collaborative team in support of Governor Baxter's vision for the protection and preservation of this unique wilderness park.


SCOPE OF WORK: This is structure and craft work in the general maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, mechanical systems, and buildings. Work involves the performance of a wide variety of mechanical tasks in the installation, general repair, and maintenance of heating, power generating, water, and electrical systems; and laundry, kitchen, and farm machinery and equipment; and buildings and grounds. Assignments are received in the form of oral instructions or written work orders. Supervision may be exercised over assigned helpers. Work is performed under general supervision.

REPRESENTATIVE TASKS(A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all the duties that may be assigned).


Performs general replacement, upkeep, and repair of heating, plumbing, and electrical fixtures or equipment such as clearing clogged drains, replacing external fixtures and similar tasks in order to maintain systems.


Repairs electrical wiring, fixtures, motors, and communication systems in order to maintain electrical systems and equipment.


Installs and repairs steam, water, and sewage lines in order to repair and maintain plumbing and heating systems.


Operates and services sewage treatment plant in order to ensure efficient plant operation.


Maintains, operates, and repairs heating and ventilating systems in order to ensure a comfortable and safe environment.


Cleans boilers and replaces and/or repairs worn or broken parts in order to ensure safe and efficient operation.


Repairs, maintains, and alters masonry, walls, and woodwork in buildings in order to ensure structural stability and meet tenant requirements.


Repairs and services laundry and kitchen equipment in order to ensure safe and effective operation and maximize equipment availability.


Cleans, maintains, and services hand tools, machines, equipment, and work area daily in order to comply with safety standards, prolong equipment life, and maintain equipment availability.


Operates snow removal equipment in order to clear walks, driveways, and roads.


Repairs and maintains hydraulic and mechanical elevators in order to ensure safe and efficient operation.

ENTRY LEVEL KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED(Applicants will be screened for possession of these through written, oral, performance, and/or other evaluations).


Knowledge of the tools, materials, equipment, methods, and practices of plumbing, welding, electrical, and general maintenance and repair work.


Knowledge of the occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions needed to perform mechanical repair work.


Ability to read, understand, and follow manufacturers specifications and instructions for using, cleaning, and repairing machinery and equipment.


Ability to use standard power and hand tools.


Ability to operate acetylene and arc welding equipment.


Ability to clean, lubricate, and adjust small engines, electrical motors, pumps, and other machinery and equipment.


Ability to follow written and oral instructions.


Ability to apply general carpentry and masonry skills.


Ability to perform general mechanical repair work.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED(These may be acquired on the job and are needed to perform the work assigned).


Knowledge of applicable building and safety codes.


Ability to read, understand, and follow blueprints.


Ability to use electrical test equipment such as ohm and voltage meters.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS(Entry level knowledges, skills, and/or abilities may be acquired through, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following coursework/training and/or experience).

Two (2) years experience in the general maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, mechanical systems, and buildings.

LICENSING/REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS(These must be met by all employees prior to attaining permanent status in this class).

Some positions may require heating/boiler operator's license, electrician helper's license, apprentice plumber's license, and/or propane/natural gas technician license.

EXAM PLAN(This must be successfully completed by all employees prior to attaining permanent status in this class).

Direct Hire.

100% State Contribution (employee pays nothing):
$457.81 biweekly (Health: $444.68 biweekly / Dental: $13.13 biweekly)

95% State Contribution (employee pays 5%):
$435.58 biweekly (Health: $422.45 biweekly / Dental: $13.13 biweekly)

90% State Contribution (employee pays 10%):
$413.34 biweekly (Health: $400.21 biweekly / Dental: $13.13 biweekly)

85% State Contribution (employee pays 15%):
$391.11 biweekly (Health: $377.98 biweekly / Dental: $13.13 biweekly)


Please submit a cover letter, supplemental questions and apply through this website.  If you experience trouble with this process, please email your application materials to  Applications are due at 11:59pm July 31, 2019

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