Correctional Officer Cook - Maine State Prison

Warren, Maine, United States | Correctional Services | Full-time

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Correctional Officer Cook – Maine State Prison

Code: 5207                          Pay Grade: 16   $18.13 - $22.61 per hour 
This rate does not  include $1/hr. institutional stipend but                                                                     does not include applicable night or weekend shift differentials

Open for Recruitment

Close: Once Filled


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The Department of Corrections is accepting applications for Correctional Officers assigned as Cooks at the Maine State Prison in Warren, Maine.  This position is open to current Maine DOC Correctional Officers who wish to transfer to this facility and all outside candidates.


As a Correctional Officer - Cook, your work will involve preparing and serving approximately 2800 meals per day.  Responsibilities include monitoring security of assigned areas, instructing and training prisoners in kitchen sanitation and basic food preparation, serving food, and assisting the Correctional Cook Supervisor and Food Service Manager.  This position requires exposure to chemical agents (OC Spray). 


  • Knowledge of prisoner motivation and psychology.
  • Knowledge of problems associated with institutional life.
  • Knowledge of prisoner rehabilitation and treatment programs.
  • Knowledge of correctional institution rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions.
  • Ability to interpret and enforce correctional center rules, regulations, policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Knowledge of large-scale meal preparation methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of food service sanitation practices.
  • Knowledge of Serve Safe regulations.
  • Ability to interpret and enforce correctional rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Ability to cook, bake and serve meals.
  • Ability to perform various strenuous duties such as climbing stairs and/or escorting unruly inmates.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Ability to handle critical and stressful situations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to read and perform basic math functions.
  • Ability to observe situations and behavior in detail.
  • Ability to make decisions and act quickly in emergency and dangerous situations.
  • Ability to model appropriate behavior, attitude, ethics, and morals.
  • Ability to utilize standard desktop computer technology (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets, databases, internet, e-mail).


Graduation from high school or equivalent. 

Some positions, based upon collateral duties/option, may require background education and/or experience in an appropriate field (e.g. food preparation; skilled trade/training experience; retail experience; supply room experience).

In addition, two (2) years’ experience in food preparation including serving and cleanup is required.


At time of hire:  Valid Driver’s License


Prior to attaining Permanent Status: Maine State Driver’s License

Completion of the Basic Corrections Training Course (organized and funded by DOC upon hire – includes mandatory exposure to chemical agents)



Value of State-paid Dental Insurance:  $14.60 biweekly

Value* of State-paid Health Insurance:

  • Level 1:  100% State Contribution (employee pays nothing):  $470.99 biweekly
  • Level 2:  95% State Contribution (employee pays 5%):  $447.44 biweekly
  • Level 3:  90% State Contribution (employee pays 10%):  $423.89 biweekly
  • Level 4:  85% State Contribution (employee pays 15%):  $400.34 biweekly

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program.

Value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement: 20.67% of pay.